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  • In Vehicle Monitoring System is now available from Blue Electronics. Improve Driver Safety by monitoring Driver Behaviour & Fatigue. For more details click link: IVMS
  • End of Wagon Detection System successfully tested. The EWDS is used to prevent a following HiRail Vehicle from colliding with the back of a Train Wagon and provides the driver of the HiRail Vehicle with visual and audible warnings of a potential collision. For more details click link: End Of Train
  • Need to monitor your Conveyor Pre-start Alarms to ensure they are working correctly. Click on the link to review the SAMmicro with is an Acoustic Sound Monitor specifically designed to meet the requirements of AS1755 for Conveyor Pre-starts. SAMmicro
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BlueTrack WebServer

BlueTrack WebServer

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The BlueTrack web-based tracking service can be used to monitor & log the location of vehicles, plant, equipment and personnel. It comprises of a small 3G Modem, which is installed inside the vehicles, plant or equipment to be monitored. The 3G Modem communicates with the Web-server via the mobile network and uploads its positional information. If the network is un-available the 3G Modem stores the positional information until a new connection is established and then uploads its data thus ensuring no information is lost.

Vehicle, plant, equipment and personnel can be grouped so they can be easily managed and viewed. Each device or person can be assigned with its own unique name and description i.e. LV1234 (Workshop Ute).

The site stores all the positional data so it can be used to generate reports, display trips etc. The reports can be viewed online or scheduled to be emailed direct to your inbox. There is an extensive range of reports that can be configured based on date, time, vehicle status, location and driver behaviour etc.

Alarms can be set for events such as In/Out of Geofence, Speeding, Low Battery, Low Fuel, SOS etc. and these can be sent out as an SMS or emailed as they occur. 



  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Mobile Plant & Equipment Tracking
  • Lighting Plant Tracking & Fuel Monitoring
  • Mobile Generator Tracking & Fuel Monitoring
  • Mobile Diesel Pump Tracking & Fuel Monitoring
  • Personel Tracking

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