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Personal Proximity Detection System

Personal Proximity Detection System

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Our Personal Proximity Detection System provides both Operators of Heavy Plant & Machinery and Workers with an early warning should they get to close to each other. 

Proximity DetectionThey system comprises of a MagMount Omni Directional Antenna (OHU) mounted on top of the Vehicle, Operators Control Panel (OCP) mounted inside the vehicle Cabin and Personal Detection Devices (PDD's) worn by the workers.

The PDD also has an in-built Vibrator, Buzzer & LED indicators to worn the Worker if he/she also gets to close to operating equipment.

Blue Electronics are world leaders in proximity detection systems.

So much more than just a proximity detection system, the Blue Electronics Proximity Detection System is a must for any operator of heavy machinery.

For further information about the Blue Electronics proximity detection system please read the brochure below or contact us.

Proximity Detection System (PDS) Brochure