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Rail Collision Avoidance System

Rail Collision Avoidance System

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Our Rail Collision Avoidance System is designed for installation and use on Rail Maintenance Machines. It provides the Operators of each machine with indication of each machines (front & rear) speed, traveling direction and separation distance. It also warns the Operators when the speed limit is exceeded and/or the safe traveling distance is compromised.

Each machine can have a safety zone configured front & rear and this along with the traveling speed and rate of deceleration are taken into account when issuing alarms to the Operators.

The EWDS can accommodate up to 3 Operator Control Panels (OCP’s) for multi-cabin machines and/or Operator Work Stations and  uses a combination of GPS and a patented Ranging TOF technology to ensure the system continues to operate when in tunnels or there is poor GPS reception.

Blue Electronics is a world leader in Collision Avoidance systems.

So much more than just a collision avoidance system, the Blue Electronics Early Warning Detection System is a must for any rail network.

For further information about the Blue Electronics collison avoidance & early warning detection system please read the brochure below or contact us.

Early Warning Detection System (EWDS) Brochure

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