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Trackside Warning System (TWS-02) is designed for use by Rail & Road Maintenance Works. It ensures the Sentry does not leave his/her post and remains vigilant by setting up an invisible zone the Sentry must remain inside. If the Sentry wanders outside of this zone the RF linked Track/Roadside Warning Units (TWU’s) go into an alarm state. The Sentry can also raise an Alert by pressing the ‘Buddy AlertTM’ Button this is then relayed to all workers bringing their attention to any potential danger. The system is fail-safe with failure of any configured unit causing the system to go into an Alert state.

For permanent installations the TWU can be supplied in a wall or post mounted enclosure with permanent power or solar battery backed. 



  • Trackside Worker Approaching Train Warning System


  • Portable or Fixed Installation Options available
  • Provides Visual Warning (Flashing Beacon)
  • Provides Audible Warning (103db Sounder with selectable tones)
  • All equipment rated at IP65
  • Mains/Battery and/or Solar Power Options available
  • Adjustable Sentry RF Protection Zone
  • Supports multiple Track/Roadside Warning Units (TWU)
  • Fail-safe VHF License Free Radio Link (Works over several km)  
  • Easy to configure using Keypad and Back Lit LCD Display  
  • Optional Train Detection Switch Input
  • Integrates into EWDS to provide Automatic Warning to Machine Operators