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  • In Vehicle Monitoring System is now available from Blue Electronics. Improve Driver Safety by monitoring Driver Behaviour & Fatigue. For more details click link: IVMS
  • End of Wagon Detection System successfully tested. The EWDS is used to prevent a following HiRail Vehicle from colliding with the back of a Train Wagon and provides the driver of the HiRail Vehicle with visual and audible warnings of a potential collision. For more details click link: End Of Train
  • Need to monitor your Conveyor Pre-start Alarms to ensure they are working correctly. Click on the link to review the SAMmicro with is an Acoustic Sound Monitor specifically designed to meet the requirements of AS1755 for Conveyor Pre-starts. SAMmicro
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The SAMmicro is a Sound Alarm Monitor that monitors the acoustic output of pre-start warning sirens. The device is compact and fits inside most electronic sirens. The SAM has a N/O contact that closes if the sirens output (dB) is greater than the adjustable set-point.

The SAM was specifically designed to meet the requirements of AS1755 for Conveyor Pre-start Alarms but can be used for many other applications.


Some Features:

  • 12~24Vdc
  • 6~12mA Current Draw
  • N/O Relay Output 
  • Temperature Compensated
  • Power & Trip Indication
  • Adjustable Sound Detection Trip-point
  • 70~120dB Detection Range
  • Made & Supported in Australia

Applications Include:

  • Conveyor Pre-start Alarm Monitoring
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Evacuation Alarm Monitoring