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Position and track people quickly and easily in real-time with high accuracy. With its small size and incredible battery life, the Pozyx Wearable Tag is set it and forget it. What’s more, the Interactive edition of the Wearable Tag also comes with a push button and a status LED to take interactivity to the next level.

Wearable Tag - Interactive

SKU: TWI-100
  • Features

    • Accurate indoor positioning: typically from 10 to 30cm
    • Max Refresh Rate: 10 Hz
    • Ultra-low power
    • Context sensitive update rate for increased battery life
    • NFC connectivity for activation, set-up and configuration
    • Compatible with Pozyx Enterprise TDOA positioning system
    • Pending Certifications : FCC Part 15.519 / ETSI EN 302 065-2 LT1
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