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Personal Proximity Detection System (PDD) - is designed to allow the detection of personnel working in close proximity to mobile plant and equipment. The system comprises of some hardware fitted to the vehicle which is used to warn the operator or persons close by and devices worn by the workers which vibrate and beep if they get too close to the vehicle.

Personal Proximity Detection System

  • Application:

    • Track Maintenance

    • Tyre Handlers

    • Stockpile Surveyors

    • Excavators

    • Mining, Construction, Rail, Power

    Personal Device:

    • Charging: Inductive

    • Battery: Li-ion

    • Operation: 15hrs (nominal)

    • Alerts: Close Proximity LED, Beeper & Vibrator

    • Range: 0-400m

    • Accuracy: +/-2m

    • Sensors: Gyro, Inertia, GPS

    • Attachment: Belt Clip

    • Buttons: On/Off, Mute, Buddy Alert

    • Rating: IP56

    • Wireless Updating

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