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Sound Alarm Monitoring systems(SAMmicro)


The SAMmicro is a Sound Alarm Monitor that monitors the acoustic output of pre-start warning sirens. The device is compact and fits inside most electronic sirens. The SAM has a N/O contact that closes if the sirens output (dB) is greater than the adjustable set-point.


Some Features:

  • 12~24Vdc

  • 6~12mA Current Draw

  • N/O Relay Output 

  • Temperature Compensated

  • Power & Trip Indication

  • Adjustable Sound Detection Trip-point

  • 70~120dB Detection Range

  • Made & Supported in Australia

Applications Include:

  • Conveyor Pre-start Alarm Monitoring

  • Fire Alarm Monitoring

  • Evacuation Alarm Monitoring

The SAM was specifically designed to meet the requirements of AS1755 for Conveyor Pre-start Alarms but can be used for many other applications.

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