Blue Track web server



The BlueTrack web-based tracking service can be used to monitor & log the location of vehicles, plant, equipment and personnel. It comprises of a small 3G Modem, which is installed inside the vehicles, plant or equipment to be monitored. The 3G Modem communicates with the Web-server via the mobile network and uploads its positional information. If the network is un-available the 3G Modem stores the positional information until a new connection is established and then uploads its data thus ensuring no information is lost.

Vehicle, plant, equipment and personnel can be grouped so they can be easily managed and viewed. Each device or person can be assigned with its own unique name and description i.e. LV1234 (Workshop Ute).



  • Vehicle Tracking

  • Mobile Plant & Equipment Tracking

  • Lighting Plant Tracking & Fuel Monitoring

  • Mobile Generator Tracking & Fuel Monitoring

  • Mobile Diesel Pump Tracking & Fuel Monitoring

  • Personel Tracking

Details Continued...

The site stores all the positional data so it can be used to generate reports, display trips etc. The reports can be viewed online or scheduled to be emailed direct to your inbox. There is an extensive range of reports that can be configured based on date, time, vehicle status, location and driver behaviour etc.

Alarms can be set for events such as In/Out of Geofence, Speeding, Low Battery, Low Fuel, SOS etc. and these can be sent out as an SMS or emailed as they occur. 




Our 3G GPS Tracker is approved for us in the Telstra NextG Mobile Network.


Applications Include:

  • Vehicle, Tankers, Trucks & Boats

  • Mobile Cold Storage

  • Hire Equipment

  • Lighting Plants & Generators

  • Roadside Traffic Signs etc..

Some Features:

  • Remote Update Capability

  • Track Live or to your Mobile (PDA)

  • In-built Speed Zone & Email Reporting

  • OBDII Interface

  • Speacial Underground Mine Speeding Application

  • Digital, Analogue & Serial I/O

  • Made & Supported in Australia





FMC001 PLUG AND PLAY TRACKER - This is perfect tracker for a wide range of applications – fleet management of light commercial vehicles, car rental & leasing, driver log-book, insurance telematics (UBI) and so on. Device supports various Bluetooth Low Energy sensors, beacons, firmware and configuration update via Bluetooth.



  • Tracking of:

    • Light Vehicles

    • Heavy Duty Vehicles

  • Insurance Telematics

  • Courier Delivery Services

  • Rental and Leasing Tracking

Teltonika FMC001 represents next step in communication technology – this is the first Plug and Track LTE OBD device with GNSS and Bluetooth connectivity. Possibility to read OBD II parameters,
effortless installation and detailed accelerometer data provides a compelling solution.



ADVANCED LTE TERMINAL - It is perfectly suitable for applications where location acquirement of remote objects is needed: fleet management, car rental companies, taxi companies, public transport, logistics companies, personal cars and so on.



  • Tracking of:

    • Light Vehicles

    • Heavy Duty Vehicles

  • Insurance Telematics

  • Courier Delivery Services

  • Rental and Leasing Tracking

FMC130 is small and professional real-time tracking terminal with GNSS and LTE/3G/GSM connectivity
and backup battery. Device equipped with GNSS/Bluetooth and LTE modules, internal GNSS, LTE
antennas, configurable digital, analogue inputs and digital outputs, negative input, impulse inputs.




Worlds Smallest Personal GPS Tracker (MT90G) - is designed specifically for tracking people but can also be used for tracking traditional items such as vehicles, boats and other mobile plant, equipment or personal items.



  • Personal Tracking

  • Vehicles, Marine, Motor Cycles

  • Asset Tracking

  • Fleet Management


  • CE, IP65, RoHS


  • 3G Network Compatible

  • Portable (70g)

  • Two-way call/listen-in

  • 14hrs normal use time, 160hrs in standby mode

  • USB Charging

  • LED Status Indication

  • 5xButton including call & SOS

  • 3D Acceleration Sensor